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Create Universes in Virtual Reality

Fill space with colorful planets, stars and black holes.
Simulate their motion with realistic physics.

Newton's Cradle: Headliner
Newton's Cradle: Pro Gallery


Realistic Orbits

Simulated Newtonian gravity makes the objects you create spin, collide, and orbit based on their size & speed

Relaxing Creative Space Sim

Fill the sky with colorful bodies.  Chill out in a cosmic snow-globe to an origional score.

Control Time

Stop time to set up the perfect set of planets, stars and debris.  Speed up time to accelerate their motion, or reverse time and rewind the clock.

Create Something Breathtaking

Customize the size and style of every object you create.  Trace orbital curves across the sky.  Move in 6 directions to watch it all from the perfect angle.

Newton's Cradle: Features
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